Academia is a Comprehensive Institution Management Solution that covers that complete Student Life-cycle – from Admission to Graduation.

The Role of Technology in Educational institutions

Technology has played a super awesome role in education

“Forget Books and Whiteboard, Computer Screen and Projectors Are the New Friends”

”Go Digital: No Teacher, No Classroom, All You Need Is Internet”

Evolution of technology has a greater impact on developing the foundation of future India. Conventional

methods of mugging up words & definitions and limited learning are not prevalent anymore. The hectic

schedule and getting good grades should not be the perspective. The advent of technology has released

the pressure imposed on students learning process and has encouraged them to incline towards

learning and become life-long learners.

A compelling and unique user experience for life-long learning

Academia provides a neat and clean user interface with seamless integration with various stakeholders

in an academic ecosystem like teachers, non-teaching staffs, students, parents & management

personnel of the institution. Academia covers the entire student journey or his student lifecycle right

from the admission to alumina institution.

Academic achievement is of utmost important as it prepares students for future careers. Academia

provide ideal platform for students to enter competitive fields. It facilitates collaborative interaction

between students, teachers, parents & institute management.

Role of an academia

Academica automates your entire academic process in a common platform integrating all your

departments like university, combining research, teaching and administrative duties.

Modules Covered in Academia

 Fee management

 Student Info management

 Admissions management

 Fee collection

 Library management

 Student attendance

 Examination management

 HR & payroll

 Time and attendance management

 Staff management

 Leave management

 Hostel management


Benefits of academia ERP – Highly efficient and productive


 Paperlessness

 High-security

 Huge saving on costs

 Support system

 Customer service

 An easy to go payment processing

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Academia is the complete enterprise solution for higher ed institutions viz. Schools, colleges &

universities looking to automate their Academic and Administrative processes. This comprehensive suite

streamlines complete student life cycle from Enquiry to Graduation as well as administrative processes

such as Student administration, Hostel, Library, examination, Human Resources etc. 

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 Committed to educating and nurturing all students so they may grow towards responsible

global citizenship.

 Empowering and inspiring all students to excel as lifelong learners.

 Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom

 “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.”